Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My favorite childhood music

Living on a farm in rural Canterbury I was not exposed very much to the pop era of the 60's but I grew up on a diet of country music and 1960's American television.  I emerged from that in the 1970's, in my teens but continued to buck the trend.

My road through the 60’s
The Fab Four, let alone the Stones, eluded me by-and-large

I remember my first independent music love - John Hore (later, Grenell). This was my first ever 45.


I remember when the family first got television and can remember us all gathering to watch Winston Churchill's funeral.

This was one of the first ever programs I watched.

I loved the Danny Kaye Show so much as a 7-year old that I wrote an advertisement to the Press to set up a Danny Kaye Fan Club


Another regular was 'the Flintstone' and all the Hannah Barbara cartoons of the time

My childhood friend, Stephen (a few months older than me) introduced me to favourites like Captain Pugwash, Barbar the Elephant - and Mr.Magoo.

A major part of my television diet was American westerns including this theme from 'Bonanza'

It was my sister Kathy who introduced me to the pop music of the time and took me to see the Beatles' Help!

Another favourite was Trini Lopez

My brother, Jeremy, lived more on the 'wild side' (sic), with the musical Can Can and early Cliff Richards

By the 70's my love affair with the American frontier was over. 

While my friends at secondary school were following John Lennon I was more into Lenin and adored this rendition of Kalinka.

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